Abortion statistics in new zealand

Statistics New Zealand Abortion Statistics: Year ended December 2013

Key Facts In the year ending December You were lucky that you dodged the abortion bullet. One type of induced abortion is called a "medical abortion" or a "medication abortion".

Symptoms of spontaneous abortions[ change change source ] The most common symptom is bleeding from the vagina. One of the key findings of this enquiry was that at that time one in five pregnancies resulted in an induced abortion.

Those that have been done give contradictory results.

Illegal abortions

Conflicting descriptions of abortionists Abortion advocates used gruesome depictions of tragic circumstances to win compassion and support, to generate sympathy for the plight of desperate women and hatred for those opposed to abortion. The high numbers of abortions in New Zealand for mental health grounds have led pro-lifers to express concerns that the mental health exception is being used to allow abortion on demand.

Currently in New Zealand, the main pro-choice lobby group is Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand ALRANZwhich favours the complete decriminalisation of abortion in New Zealand, but if that does not occur wants to have socio-economic reasons made a reason for obtaining a legal abortion.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The main pro-life lobby groups are Right to Life, Family Life International [5]and Voice for Lifewhich favours reforming New Zealand abortion law to make it more restrictive, and in recent years has lobbied for a parental consent law, which would require a girl under 16 years of age to obtain the consent of her parents before having an abortion.

She may feel sad, angry, or guilty that she had a miscarriage or asked for an abortion. Currently, no parental notification or consent laws are in place for women seeking abortions.

Public Opinion on Abortion

Abortion data was collected by the Department of Health and related to abortions carried out under the grounds set out in the Crimes Act The woman passes the fetus, along with the blood and tissue that have built up in the uterus, from her vagina.

He called the abortion "a traumatic experience". In the United States in11 women died from the complications of legal abortion. The New Zealand Abortion Debate: But in practice many people were not opposed.

A woman is given methotrexate, usually as a shot in a doctor's office, and the drug stops the embryo from staying attached to the lining of the uterus.

This is because the medications that are used work best when they are started as early as possible, and after a woman has been pregnant for about two months, the medications usually do not work very well.Current Trends for Teenage Births in New Zealand.

The law around abortion

Abortion rates, year olds by ethnic group;and 24 (ASFR) for teenagers,Source: Statistics NZ 49 Appendix Table 4: Cohort, age and calendar year-specific probabilities, by region and for New Zealand, for. Abortion Numbers Down for Posted by Colleen Bayer in Abortion, Culture, Pro-Life It is wonderful news that the number of abortions performed in New Zealand.

May 15,  · According to The Sunday Star-Times, statistics show that 3, New Zealand teens ages 11 through 19 had induced abortions in Of those, 79 were between 11 and 14 years old. "Any marginal improvements in the safety of legal abortions, as compared to illegal abortions, are more than offset by the astronomical increase in the number of women exposed to the inherent risks of induced abortion, legal or illegal.

2 Sexual and Reproductive Health New Zealand’s sexual and reproductive health statistics Abortion data In comparison with many European countries, New Zealand’s abortion rate (in20 per Research studies and abortion statistics indicate that a high number of pregnancies occurring each year in New Zealand are unintended or.

Published in “The Post-Abortion Review” Jan.-March New Zealand Study on Mental Health Problems May Force Doctors to Refuse Abortions.

Abortion statistics in new zealand
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